Therapy Services

Jacquelyn offers therapeutic services to individuals of all ages. She provides a warm, nurturing environment and has extensive experience in treating individuals with acute/chronic anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, grief and trauma.   As a therapist, Jacquelyn utilizes a variety of different approaches to best fit your individual needs including but not limited to: EMDR, Mindfulness-based practices, Somatic-Therapy, Trauma-Informed Treatment, Play Therapy and Cognitive-based therapies. Please see below to find out more detailed information regarding specific specialties. 


1 hour Session: $90.00      1 1/2 hour Session: $120.00

Sliding Scale offered

***Jacquelyn is accepting new client's at this time***


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is an evidenced based somatic treatment modality proven highly effective for individuals who have experienced trauma. Clinicians also have found success in using EMDR for anxiety, stress, complicated grief, addictions and panic disorders. EMDR combines somatic and cognitive based therapies to heal from the past, focus on the present  moment and prepare for the future. 

Trauma Touch Therapy™

Trauma Touch Therapy is a somatic approach to healing oneself. This dynamic approach utilizes breathing, movement, and touch as a way for individuals to slow down, become aware, and reclaim a healthy sense of self. Trauma Touch Therapy provides a nurturing environment for gradual exploration of the sensations experienced in the body, and tools to integrate into daily life. Each experience is unique and rich; a time to dance, to sing, to mourn, to laugh, and a time to be wholly present.



Somatic Psychotherapy

Jacquelyn integrates her training as a yoga teacher and mental health clinician to provide individuals with a holistic approach to healing the mind body connection. Jacquelyn uses her strengths to provide individuals with space to find their authentic self.